Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) has made a major contribution to healthcare delivery. Healthcare IT has focused mainly on storage and access for clinical data, physician orders, and billing needs. Recently, very simple automation has been implemented to detect and alert physicians to medication conflicts, chemical panels in which measures exceed thresholds, etc.

Where are we in the plan? Does everyone caring for the
						patient know this? How will we know if this complication arises, and who and how will we handle it?
						... Coordination information depends on, but is much more than clinical information. HIT in its current form is necessary, but not sufficient for organizations to make the next leap forward into safe and efficient care. Even perfect use of a perfect EMR is not enough! In addition to the purely clinical information found in HIT systems, smooth teamwork requires caregivers to manage understanding, choices, and action over the team. Similarly, having a task list readily available is not solving the needs of coordination! Coordination is a map of the part to be played by each member of the team. It captures the underlying knowledge, the relationships among caregivers, and provides not just for direct treatment acts but also the communication and other acts that knit treatment activities together. HIT at this time does not provide this sort of support for coordination.

Synergia creates and delivers technology to realize a quantum improvement in coordination. This technology integrates with client HIT, and places the clinical picture within a coordination map, so that caregivers can act in concert to deliver on the best clinical understanding. Caregivers use this technology, so that shared understanding and aligned actions are the products of conscious design. [Contact Synergia for more information on coordination technology.]






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