We have developed a number of technologies to assist us in our work. Our ACCORDTM technology suite supports the development of precise records of any given human process. For example, our "event-behavior graph" technology in ACCORD is ideal for depicting the timing and the cause-effect path of events and activities that make up what is sometimes called "the story of the patient." It can also be used to create high-level maps of end-to-end caregiving processes. In addition, ACCORD contains tools to model individual and social actors, formalize roles in an organization, formulate simulation experiments, and formulate and optimize organizational choices. Elements of the choice technology can also be used to represent potential future histories as a point in a process; we call these "advisories."

Synergia innovations in decision technology, called VOICETM, enable us to advise organizations by quantifying the value of rethinking and redesigning aspects of current operations. This is a technology not just for producing the optimal decision, but also, for optimally exploring alternative organizational designs. Our computational simulation capabilities, coupled to VOICE technology, are an exceptionally powerful basis for exploring and making strategic trades in the design of new hospitals.

We have developed a technology called Knowledge LensTM to help users quickly make sense of documents pertinent to a current task. For example, Knowledge Lens can be used to store, give efficient access to, and assist with developing and disseminating critical insights from a patientís admissions documents. This material contains a wealth of useful information, but in a form that is usually hard to make efficient use of under real-time healthcare delivery conditions.

We have also developed a group work architecture, the Consensus Facilitation ArchitectureTM, to enable teams of decision-makers to collaborate on choices and policy statements.

We employ our technologies as part of our work to map, validate with the client, and analyze organizational practices. We specialize these tools to provide clients with advanced, tailored support for ongoing healthcare delivery. Practitioners in a variety of applications have tested our technologies; in every case, users found the tools intuitive and productive. NASA used an early version of one tool to discover a potentially-catastrophic risk in space station operations. A later version of this tool was informally deployed to Kuwait. The current version enables Synergia, or healthcare organizations, to create precise models of healthcare delivery processes. Our tools can function as stand-alone aids, or can be integrated with existing client IT. We discuss differences between our coordination technology and existing healthcare IT (HIT) here.

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