Our methods enable organizations to better understand themselves and their environment so that they can more effectively pursue their goals and manage response to change caused by:

    • business/operational process modifications
    • mergers/acquisitions
    • expansion/downsizing
    • globalization/diversification
    • adversary/competitor activities


Theory: Generative Practice Theory ™

    • Substantive theory of individuals and organizations as systems of inter-dependent practices.

Method: Practice Mapping™

    • Structured, trainable methods to collect data on organizational behavior, formalize as practices, actors and organizations, and analyze embodied risks/potential.

Computational Technology: ACCORD™ and CFA™

    • ACCORD™– tools for human systems modeling and operations management: data collection, behavior formalization, practice and actor modeling, choice modeling and analysis.

    • CFA™– architecture for collaborative human-systems modeling, analysis, and operations management: argumentation, task management, and risk-management support for conflict detection and resolution.


Planning and Simulation

         World-Wide Production Distribution

         Community Development Planning

         Optimizing Aircraft Engine Redesign

         Advised Planning Technology

         Human-Systems Modeling and Simulation

         Decision-Theoretic Control over Simulation


         Improving Breast Cancer Treatment

         Globalization; Leadership; Mergers & Acquisitions

         Hazard Management Organizations


         Critical Medical Care Processes

         Organizational Risk Management

         Space Station Management Redesign

         Risk-Advised Information Management

         Adaptive Crisis Response

         Risk-Advised Handover

         First Responder Collaborative Environment

Analysis and Forecasting

         Computational Models of Human Organizational Dynamics

         Actor/Behavior Forecasting

         Personality, Ideology, and Culture Modeling

         Risk-Advised Forecasting

         Opium Economy Reconstitution

         Human-Systems-Guided Data Mining



  • Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
  • USCF Mt. Zion Hospital
  • Stanford Medical Center
  • University of Texas Health Sciences Center
  • Accenture
  • Apple Computer
  • City of San Leandro
  • G.E. Aircraft Engine Division
  • NASA: Ames Research Center, Johnson Space Center
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • DoD: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, MDA, DARPA







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