Synergia works in a wide variety of health-care delivery contexts, including private, university, and county hospitals, as well as specialty clinics. We have worked with organizations whose overall objectives included improving patient safety, decreasing length of stay, reducing medical malpractice and other forms of liability, enhanced physician/patient communication, and creating patient-friendly processes. We have a particularly strong focus on the challenges and opportunities for much more effective handover.

We map practices and roles, and analyze risks, deliver training in superior communication , and develop technology for applications such as the following:

  • Mapping, determining flaws in, and guiding interventions to create a quantum improvement in the quality of handover

  • Identifying practices that place safety and efficiency in conflict, and devising new ones that synergize for safe and efficient care

  • Quantifying organizational risks, and devising improvements, for key processes or organizational units

  • Determining the level of variation among practitioners, and creating interventions that retain the best practices, or even improve on them, with greater uniformity and reliability

  • Enabling all participants to know where they and others are in the overall care process

  • Helping clinicians represent their best understanding of the future - what’s most likely, and what’s less likely but significant if it arises (and how to recognize and handle it)

  • Developing real-time automated inference capacities, with an emphasis on fostering coordination (shared understanding, aligned action) as it specifically depends on the current clinical picture for the patient

  • Computational modeling of caregiving processes, for advanced simulation studies

  • Clarifying and refining roles to better promote coordination

  • Creating strategies to gather and analyze data to improve performance (e.g., methods and technologies to gather data on gaps in handovers)

  • Reviewing proposed interventions to clarify and address barriers to change

  • Develop specifications and requirements so that a quantum improvement in the quality of team performance is a leading factor in the design of new/reconceived physical plants and infrastructure [Contact Synergia for more information on "organizational architecture" services.]





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